Unlock the Power of Amazon Advertising

Amazon’s marketplace provides access to a vast global audience, but standing out requires strategic advertising. Our expert team leverages Amazon’s extensive user data to craft targeted campaigns that drive results. We offer comprehensive Amazon advertising solutions to enhance your brand’s visibility and sales.

Our Advertising Solutions

There are four different types of advertising available on the Amazon Platform:

Sponsored Display Ads

Placement: Ads appear on and off Amazon, including search results and product detail pages. Targeting: Reach specific audiences based on shopping behavior or target specific products, including competitors’ listings


Sponsored Product Ads

Placement: Promote individual products directly in search results and on product pages. Visibility: Ensure your products are seen by users actively searching for similar items.


Amazon Demand Side Platform (DSP)

Comprehensive Reach: Utilize Amazon’s customer data to place ads across Amazon OTT, IMDB, FireTV, and more. Multimedia Ads: Leverage video and display ads to capture user attention.


Sponsored Brand Ads

Custom Banners and Videos: Feature your brand logo, custom headlines, and multiple products. Brand Discovery: Increase brand awareness in relevant shopping results.

Targeting Strategies

Keyword Targeting

Utilize exact match, phrase match, and broad match keywords to reach users based on search intent.


Product Targeting

Display ads to users browsing related or competing products to increase visibility.


Audience Remarketing

Re-engage visitors who have viewed your product pages, driving them back to your listings.


Interest-Based Targeting

Target users based on their browsing history within specific categories, aligning your ads with their interests.

Advanced PPC Strategies

Bid Optimization

Regularly adjust bids based on performance data to maximize ROI.


Placement Optimization

Optimize placement that brings best results instead of killing bid on the keyword.



Schedule ads to run at peak times for your target audience.


A/B Testing

Continuously test different ad creatives, headlines, and images to identify the most effective combinations.


Negative Keywords:

Use negative keywords to prevent your ads from showing on irrelevant searches, saving budget for high-converting keywords.


Campaign Segmentation

Organize campaigns by product category, target audience, or advertising goal to streamline management and optimization.

Benefits of Amazon Advertising

⦁ Promote New Products: Introduce new offerings to your loyal customer base and potential new buyers.
⦁ Increase Visibility: Stand out in a crowded marketplace and make your products more discoverable.
⦁ Cross-Sell Opportunities: Advertise complementary products to existing customers, boosting overall sales.
⦁ Expand Market Share: Target competitors’ customers to grow your brand’s market presence.
⦁ Defend Listings: Run ads on your listings (Defense ASIN targeting) to prevent competitors from capturing your traffic.

Why Choose Us?

Data-Driven Insights

Our team uses advanced tools and data analytics to optimize ad performance.


Custom Strategies

We develop tailored advertising plans to meet your unique business goals.


Expert Management

Focus on your business while we handle your Amazon advertising, ensuring optimal results.

Get Started with Amazon Advertising

You have two options for diving into Amazon advertising:



Manage the complexities and budget thresholds on your own, which can be challenging and costly.


Partner with Experts

Work with us to strategize, manage, and optimize your advertising efforts, ensuring your brand’s growth on Amazon.


Ready to elevate your Amazon advertising? Contact us for a comprehensive assessment and personalized strategy to maximize your success on Amazon.

Will I still control how my budget is spent?

Yes. One of the first orders of business is to create a strategic plan for your brand on Amazon. BBE will certainly have strong recommendations on where you should or shouldn’t allocate your budget, but the final call is yours.

Will I be working with a team, or an individual account manager?

A little of both. Although an individual Brand Growth Strategist will be assigned to manage your account, we have teams of advertisers, catalog specialists, designers, copywriters, amongst others to help support the growth of your account.

What kind of return on my investment can I expect?

It’s difficult to put an exact number on this, however ROI goals are an important metric to set and monitor. Our Brand Growth Strategists work to present you with current data in the areas of market caps, market shares, general market trends, advertising opportunities, listing optimization opportunities among many others, so that we can come together as a partnership and holistically set goals and KPI’s.

How much does it cost?

What’s special about what we do at 5 Star Ecommerce is we don’t place people in buckets. We sell business solutions, not a cookie cutter one-size-fits-all strategy. Our prices are tailored to each account we work with.